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Ready to Deck the Halls? Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Home

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

From trees, to stockings, to accessories, Holiday decorating can be time consuming and intimidating. Some of us love to transform the entire house into a Christmas mecca, while others are content to make some simple changes in a single room (usually where the tree is).

Whatever your style, here are some simple ideas to help you stay merry while decorating this holiday.

holiday decorating ideas for your home
This tree makes the entrance grand!

As simple as it may seem, using matching gift wrap sets the tone under the tree. I know a few people who have empty boxes wrapped under their Christmas tree to create a warm, inviting, Santa impact for the entire holiday season.

Rustic ladders can add a simple space in your home to hang cards, an advent calendar or even a few special ornaments.

Leverage your mantel. Use decorations that have different heights to add interest to your mantel. Battery operated candles of varying height can add warmth to any look. Use layers to really make it pop. Some green garland, white lights and some white or red poinsettias can create a traditional yet sophisticated look. Do you have artwork over your mantel? Use matching color ribbons around green garland to create a unique look that is all your own. Alternatively, you can layer different greens to create a natural wintery look. Layer twigs with pinecones, with spruce and pine to invite nature right into your living room.

Play with colors. You do not have to stick to a red and green palette. Mix in some metals, like gold charger plates for the table or gold votives.

Tired of the same ol’ holiday tablecloth? Use a plaid blanket instead. Set it off with some white or cream colored plates to add strong contrast. Add some small festive flowers in small silver cups to create a sparkling festive mood.

To create a simple yet festive table, add holly to your napkin rings and use garland as a table runner. A cutting board can double as a hot plate or serving platter and add a nice rustic touch to your table.

Your tree can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be decorated. You can have a small tree in a basket or vase that sets the tone in any room of your home. If you really want to be unique, go for a tree that isn’t green. Artificial trees are white, pink, silver – and can most likely be found in whatever your favorite color is.

Candles add warmth to any room. Battery operated candles are safe and very realistic looking. They flicker and shine beautifully. Whether you want to place candles in your windows for an exterior effect or create a centerpiece with varying lengths, widths and colors – the variety of candles you can use may seem limitless. They most eye-catching settings have an odd number of candles and usually have at least one thing in common. For example, you may want to use 3 candles as a centerpiece. If they are of varying heights, they may be the same color, or if they are different colors, they may be the same height. There is something about the commonality of having at least one variant in common that appeals to eye.

Did you know we offer holiday decorating as a service? Give us a call to set up a free consultation.

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