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Fall Colors For Seasonal Decorating

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

One of the easiest ways to ready your home for the season ahead is by swapping out pieces to create a new seasonal color palette. The color of leaves seems to dictate fall decorating. Pumpkins, gourds, mums and the like fill our landscape. But fall is more than just orange and rust. Fall colors can range from reds to browns and anything in between. Warm beige tones can be brightened up with a spicy orange or natural greens.

Fall Colors to For Seasonal Decorating

Adding color to your home is as simple as using a new area rug, changing out artwork, pillows, linens and other accessories. After all, the leaves change color in the fall, shouldn’t your home?

Add depth with tones.

A white backdrop of walls can accommodate something as bold as charcoal. Add artwork, pillows or kitchen décor to give it some pop.

A rug can add color to a wood, concrete or even carpeted room. Add warm tones, perhaps a chocolate swirl to make a room more inviting. Add some darker browns or orange to spice it up even more. Blues feel summery but a royal blue or peacock is rich. Add in some grays or whites to lighten it up. If you have a neutral living room, swapping out pillows, area rugs and throw blankets can give it an entirely new personality.

Fall Decorating Colors

Cranberry, dusty rose, berry tones, even purple can bring a room to life. Consider new bedding, or accent pieces to change the feel of a room within an hour.

Deep greens invite nature into any room. Fall means welcoming warmer tones that feel cozy, yet festive. Add some greenery to an existing vase or some pine cones.

Burnt orange is a nice compromise to red or orange. You can create a splash with new pillowcases and matching artwork.

Orange is a fall color. It’s festive and vibrant. Use slipcovers on your chairs, add a bright spot of color by changing the throw pillows on your couch or simply add a bright spot to a dining centerpiece.

Having a neutral backdrop, warm grays for example, give you the opportunity to exchange pieces in your home without having to repaint a room (although that can be fun). The little accessories can have the biggest impact when planned. Need help? Stop into our home décor store and gift shop or call for a holiday decorating consultation.

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