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Decorate Your Table for the Holidays

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

There is nothing more inviting than a well-dressed table. Thanksgiving is about sharing a meal with those you love. It's also a chance for you to share your skills with a table display that will impress your guests. Below are some tips to create the perfect setting for your holiday party. Having friends or family come over and “oh and ah’ over your dining room setting is a wonderful feeling.

Decorate Your Table for the Holidays

Too much turkey décor can be overwhelming. A little bit goes a long way. Adding a turkey trinket to a table setting can create impact and help you celebrate the day.

Add some color! After all it is still fall. Berries and leaves in yellow, orange, browns and reds can create a festive tablescape without breaking the budget.

Fall dinnerware creates an ambiance that you can not beat. Be creating with textures and tones. Straw mats, candles, cream and brown dishes can create a simple, yet stunning tablescape. Add some chunky candles in yellow, orange or gold to light up your table.

Mini pumpkins are a great accessory. You can paint a few to add different colors to your table. Add in some festive napkin holders to complete the look. Fresh fruit set in an eye-catching bowl can create a masterful centerpiece. Toss in some greenery to add interest.

Timeless tones like green and white invite in nature and pairs well with almost any centerpiece. You can spice up the table with some bold colored napkins. Speaking of napkins, they do not have to be boring. Using patterned linens with embroidered napkins can create a whole new look for your table. You can also take solid colors and tie up your silverware with some twine.

Gold toned charger plates and napkin rings will create a bold look akin to a feast fit for royalty. Add some greenery down the center of the table for a natural touch.

While Thanksgiving is about the food, setting the tone with a well decorated table will turn your average holiday celebration into an event to be treasured for years to come.

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